All sushi sets include portion of teriyaki sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger, chopsticks and 1 soy sauce per person. 

Each sushi set contains salmon and at least one type of fish from the weekly selection. We used as well: tuna, mackerel, seabass, eel and prawns. Please give us a free hand to compose something tasty for you based on the type and quantity described in the sets below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate! write to us via messenger.

If you or someone you are ordering for has a


please let us know !

SUSHI SET FOR 2                                                                                                              £26 

Uramaki /futomaki 16pc, hosomaki 6pc, gunkan 2pc, nigiri 2pc 

SUSHI SET FOR 3                                                                                                              £38 

Uramaki/futomaki 24pc, hosomaki 12pc, gunkan 3pc, nigiri 3pc 

SUSHI SET FOR 4                                                                                                              £49 

Uramaki/futomaki 32pc, hosomaki 12pc, gunkan 4pc, nigiri 4pc 


  • wasabi £0,50 
  • pickled ginger £0,50 
  • teriyaki sauce £0,50 
  • Soy sauce – you can have it free just let us know if you need more 

If you think is not enough you can add 6 nigiri to your set for +6£ 

More than 4 people party?

Text us in our facebook page and we will let you know about prices and availability.

We can create an individual offer for you ! 


By private message through our facebook page.

Your order should contain:

  • Your full name,
  • phone number,
  • email address,
  • name of set what you want to order. 

Here are some example of order message: 

As we want to make sushi of the highest possible quality, I reserve the right to change the composition of the set and individual ingredients without informing the customer about the changes, moving in the same amount of sushi or with the benefit for the buyer (depends of availability of the best possible ingredients)